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Why we need skin oil

Why we need skin oil

There is often a misconception that skin oil is a bad thing, especially for oily skin types.  The truth is that our skin needs a proper balance of oil in order to remain healthy, protected, and avoid premature aging.

Our skin oil glands are known as sebaceous glands, which are responsible for creating and spreading oil onto the surface of the skin.  Some areas of our face have a higher concentration of sebaceous glands, such as the nose, chin, and forehead.  This area is often called our ‘T-zone’ or oily zone.

The thing about oil is that we really need it.  It helps to maintain the lipid barrier of our skin, which protects us from bacteria, pollution, and other affects of the environment.  The more moisturized our skin is, the less likely we are to experience premature aging.  I often tell my clients to think of their skin like leather.  The less oil it has, the more likely it is to crack and weather.  If leather is properly oiled, it has a smooth and supple appearance.  Our skin is the same way:  we need oil to maintain its softness and health.

Those of you that experience excessive skin oil may be disagreeing with me about the need for more moisture in your skin.  What I often see happen with those having extra shine is that they try to over-dry the skin.  The problem with doing that is that it makes the body think you are lacking oil, and it will over produce shine.  You are better off seeking to balance oil production with the use of exfoliating products and a hydrating moisturizer.

A great way to give our skin a proper oil balance is through the use of our home care routine.  Regardless of whether your skin is dry, oily, or combination, we all need a solid moisturizer.  I often tell my clients that the job of their moisturizer is to act like a goalie:  protect what is in and keep out what is bad.  A good moisturizer will have both moisturizing and hydrating capabilities.  Skin that is suffering from a lack of oil can also benefit from cleansing and leave-in skin oils.  The oil in our skin is attracted to the oil molecules in cleansers, so they work great to remove makeup and excess oil.  Skin that is extremely dry and irritated from conditions like eczema and psoriasis may also benefit from conditioning oils and balms.

Skin oil is our friend when it comes to keeping things healthy and youthful.  Don’t shy away from a little bit of oil in your routine!

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Anti-aging with palmaria palmata

Anti-aging with palmaria palmata

Today we are spotlighting an ingredient known for its anti-aging capabilities:  palmaria palmata.  This plant grows in the Atlantic ocean as well as the northwest Pacific ocean and is often dubbed the ‘red seaweed.’  This botanical actually thrives on the rocks amidst the water.  Its scientific name is “Dulse” (pronounced dullis).

Internal health benefits:

Seaweed is often known for being mineral rich and providing different antioxidants.  It is many times consumed as a healthy snack or topping on prepared foods.  There are a broad range of health benefits from consuming palmaria palmata such as:  improving blood circulation, acting as a digestive aid, boosting your immune system, and lowering blood pressure.

Skincare benefits:

You may be wondering what benefits there are for your skin when it comes to this sea plant.  Just like there are many health benefits for the internal body, palmaria palmata helps turn back the clock on your skin in many ways.  First, it helps to improve blood and lymph circulation to promote brighter skin.  Second, it provides antioxidant support to neutralize damaging free radicals.  Third, palmaria palmata contains a seawater which helps to detoxify and cleanse the skin.  Last but certainly not the least, it contains amino acids and vitamins that help promote collagen production.

The best part about this skincare ingredient is that it contains so many different minerals and vitamins that feed the growth of healthy skin overall.  Not only is it beneficial for anti-aging purposes, but it also aids in the health of your skin.  We love botanicals that feed your internal and external health! Check out this fantastic ingredient in our X-Cell+ brightening serum.

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Why get a monthly facial?

Why get a monthly facial?

I love when I am asked why people should bother to get a facial.    There are so many benefits to receiving regular skincare treatments that there is probably not enough lines in this post!  Let’s focus in on five key improvements you can witness in your skin after having a facial treatment.

  1.   Brightening: one of the first things I notice while doing a skin analysis is that many of clients have a buildup of dead skin.  Although we shed skin cells everyday, sometimes our skin needs some extra help.  Exfoliation = brightening in a facial because sloughing off dead or damaged cells on the surface forces the body to create fresh new skin.  You can expect an overall brightening affect from a facial as a result of either mechanical or chemical exfoliation.
  2. Softened texture:  run your fingertips over the surface of your skin.  Notice how some areas may feel bumpy or rough?  Peels are a fantastic way to gently and effectively even out your skin texture.  Smooth skin is also an ideal way to have your makeup set beautifully.  The more perfect the canvas, the better your makeup will look!
  3. Increased Hydration:  another key component of our skin analysis is to evaluate how much water is in your skin.  Clients are often shocked when their numbers are low because they drink a lot of water, but your skin’s hydration has more to do with it than that.  As a part of your facial, your esthetician can recommend the best serums and moisturizers to boost your hydration numbers.  These products can be used during your facial so you can realize the glow that increased hydration can bring your skin.
  4. Plumping:  the only plumping we like is the kind that ends up on our face and not our hips!  MicroChanneling is an excellent way to improve collagen production in the skin.  Think of collagen like a pillow top mattress – it is what gives our skin the perfect plump look like a baby.  Essentially, we are all trying to get back to that baby skin, and the more collagen production we have, the better.
  5. Relaxation: this is such an important part of getting a facial.  We often underestimate the stress that accumulates in our bones as a result of just living!  Our lives have so much demand, and sometimes we are so busy taking care of others, that we forget to take care of ourselves.  All of our facials come with massage for the decollete, face, arms, or scalp.  As humans, we really need time to truly relax and be in the moment of self care.

If you find yourself desiring one or more of the above improvements in your skin, come experience a facial!  We believe in truly listening to your skincare concerns and what your goals are.  Together, we can create a treatment plan that will help bring out the very best version of your skin.

Book online at:  See you soon!


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Battling with Eczema

Battling with Eczema

Eczema can be one of the most frustrating skin conditions out there.  I have watched clients suffer with this treatment for years.  While no true cure for it exists, the more we can be informed of what causes this disease and how it works, the more likely we are to prevent flare-ups.

Hypothesized Causes:

-hereditary factors (a close relative has it)

-environmental factors such as smoke, pollen, and pet dander

-certain foods can trigger eczema such as dairy and nuts


-sweating (from excessive heat or humidity)

-irritants on contact such as laundry detergents, soaps, shampoos

Long list, right?  The problem for those dealing with eczema is that many things can be a trigger for this skin condition.  So, how can we better manage the systems and avoid skin irritation?  Here are some tips to help prevent the symptoms of eczema:

-avoid contact with known irritants to your skin

-focus on using skincare products that maintain your skin’s lipid barrier (moisturizers, balms)

-receive monthly facial treatments to soothe irritation and boost hydration and moisture in the skin

-get tested at your physician’s office to see if there are any foods you should avoid that may be causing flare-ups

-make an appointment to see your dermatologist for any prescribed topical or oral medications to alleviate eczema symptons

Although exfoliation needs to be handled with the utmost care, I find many clients suffering with eczema have an excessive amount of dead skin buildup.  The dead skin can cause further itching and irritation and also prevent their products from absorbing deeper into the skin. Using gentle exfoliation techniques like removing your facial cleanser with a warm washcloth can help get rid of dry and dead skin.

Since eczema can cause the skin to feel itchy, the urge to scratch can be really strong.  I often advise clients to keep their nails cut short, because bacteria can hide underneath the nail bed.  If they are inclined to scratch their skin (which we want to avoid), shorter nails may discourage the spread of bacteria.

As always, check with your physician for clarity on what is best for your skin condition and needs.  Eczema can be a battle, but the more informed you can be, the better you can be at fighting the symptoms 🙂



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Partnering for Wellness

Partnering for Wellness

Being in the wellness business, my clients are always asking me for recommendations on how to better care for their body.  Just like healthy skin requires daily attention, our bodies as a whole need to be taken care of.  I am always on the lookout for potential partners that can offer my clients an expanded wellness experience.  It’s important to me to have partners that have the same core beliefs about how health and how best to maintain inner and outer beauty.

Roswell is a small, but tight-knit business community and I love that about it!  It’s inevitable to meet people who knows someone you know too.  That whole concept of 6 degrees of separation is so true.  I first heard about Shine Health & Wellness from a fellow Roswell business associate who raved about its owner, Nicole DeWard.  She told me that she first met Nicole as a personal trainer at Lifetime Fitness who expanded to open her own business 6 years ago.  She said Nicole truly cared for each of her clients and their journey to full body wellness was just as important to her as it was to them.

I had the opportunity to meet Nicole several months ago, and we connected instantly! Her passion for helping people realize their health potential was so obvious.  Plus I could tell that she loved her work, and that is the most important characteristic of any wellness partner to me!  Shine’s mission is to create and implement a unique health plan for each individual.  They offer personal and group fitness classes, nutritional coaching, therapeutic massage and yoga, as well as chiropractic alignment.  I have been able to experience these wellness therapies first hand, and am loving the sense of community and encouragement at Shine.

I’m thrilled to announce that Sweet Life Skincare and Shine Health & Wellness will be hosting a fabulous event on Thursday, May 11th from 7:00 – 9:00 pm.  Come enjoy healthy bites, facial treatments, learn some great yoga poses and more!  Be on the lookout for your invitation, and we can’t wait to see you there 🙂

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