Don’t get me wrong:  I love Amazon!  The convenience of being able to order something and have it delivered to your door in less than 2 days and not pay shipping?! Genius!  The thing is, that’s all well and good for items that are non-perishable and wont expire…like a gym bag or a pair of tweezers.  Don’t buy something from Amazon that is going to go on your body and be absorbed.  I’ll tell you why buying skincare from Amazon isn’t such a great idea 🙂

All skincare products have an expiration date, whether it is printed on the box or not.  As much as manufacturers add preservatives or use antioxidants like vitamin C to stabilize a product, eventually ‘Lotion A’ is going to run its course.  Quite honestly, it’s better that a product expire than last forever..makes you wonder what the ingredients are!  High quality products like skincare are very delicate and fragile, so they need to be in the right environment with the right temperature or they can spoil fast.  That’s why we recommend that you keep your skincare products in a cool and dry place to keep them stable and make them last.  Now I’m no expert, but my guess is that Amazon doesn’t keep the eye creams in a refrigerator to keep them from going bad. 

The other concern I have with buying facial products from Amazon is how old they are.  I was recently chatting with one of my vendors who is the exclusive reseller in the US for their product line.  Like any good manufacturer, they are always looking online to see if anyone is trying to resell their product fraudulently.  Sure enough, they found a product that was in such old packaging that it was 16 YEARS OLD!  I think that’s a record from what I have seen so far.  Sometimes what happens is that a spa will close down and then attempt to sell their remaining inventory online.  They aren’t supposed to do it, nor are they allowed to do it, but it happens.

Now, before you think I am judging any of you, I will tell you that I myself have ordered skincare from Amazon before.  I remember being confused as to why my skin didn’t look as good after using the product compared to having a professional facial with the same product.  The answer?  Buying skincare from Amazon often results in outdated and stale product that is still just as expensive as buying the legit stuff.

Do your skin a favor and ONLY purchase quality skincare directly from your esthetician or spa where you can be assured the product is new and direct from the manufacturer.  Only the best for your face!  Let’s leave the books, paper towels, and everything else to Amazon.