It’s true, folks. What’s that theory about 6 degrees of separation? That we are all connected/related somehow through 6 different people? Well, it’s more like 1 degree of separation when it comes to your health. Not that I am an expert by any stretch, but taking care of your body plays a huge role in how your skin operates. Sure, maybe the fries and cheeseburger you ate for dinner last night won’t cause an immediate breakout on your face, but have enough of that in your diet and you will pump so many free radicals into your body that it will take an arsenal of antioxidants to fight those suckers off. We are what we eat, let’s not kid ourselves.

Probably the most challenging section we have gone over in school to date has been nutrition (with anatomy a very close second). I thought “duh, you’re supposed to eat lots of fruits and veggies, don’t eat pizza, blah, blah, blah”, but the truth is that it is so much more than that. Did you know that 75% of Americans are dehydrated? And that 65% of people mistake thirst for hunger, thereby causing overeating? How about the fact that just even a 2% drop in body water affects short term memory and trouble with math (I knew it! I’m not bad at math, just dehydrated)? Water is also a necessity for cell recovery, so it is imperative to get as much as you possibly can. It has helped me to add a few drops of water enhancer for flavor and vitamins so it makes it more desirable… have as many pina colada-flavored waters as you like during the day 🙂

Another surprising element has been how much our body depends on certain key vitamins and minerals to help it do what it needs to. Did you know that iodine metabolizes excess fat (woohoo!) and zinc helps to heal your wounds? How about vitamin C preventing easy bruising and chromium stabilizing your blood sugar? It’s absolutely fascinating how certain foods and supplements can make it easier on your body to be the incredible machine it is. Not only that, but what is on the inside is bound to manifest itself on the outside. Taking care of your insides will do absolute wonders for your skin, and who isn’t interested in looking fabulous?

Priya Crumpton
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