I love when I am asked why people should bother to get a facial.    There are so many benefits to receiving regular skincare treatments that there is probably not enough lines in this post!  Let’s focus in on five key improvements you can witness in your skin after having a facial treatment.

  1.   Brightening: one of the first things I notice while doing a skin analysis is that many of clients have a buildup of dead skin.  Although we shed skin cells everyday, sometimes our skin needs some extra help.  Exfoliation = brightening in a facial because sloughing off dead or damaged cells on the surface forces the body to create fresh new skin.  You can expect an overall brightening affect from a facial as a result of either mechanical or chemical exfoliation.
  2. Softened texture:  run your fingertips over the surface of your skin.  Notice how some areas may feel bumpy or rough?  Peels are a fantastic way to gently and effectively even out your skin texture.  Smooth skin is also an ideal way to have your makeup set beautifully.  The more perfect the canvas, the better your makeup will look!
  3. Increased Hydration:  another key component of our skin analysis is to evaluate how much water is in your skin.  Clients are often shocked when their numbers are low because they drink a lot of water, but your skin’s hydration has more to do with it than that.  As a part of your facial, your esthetician can recommend the best serums and moisturizers to boost your hydration numbers.  These products can be used during your facial so you can realize the glow that increased hydration can bring your skin.
  4. Plumping:  the only plumping we like is the kind that ends up on our face and not our hips!  MicroChanneling is an excellent way to improve collagen production in the skin.  Think of collagen like a pillow top mattress – it is what gives our skin the perfect plump look like a baby.  Essentially, we are all trying to get back to that baby skin, and the more collagen production we have, the better.
  5. Relaxation: this is such an important part of getting a facial.  We often underestimate the stress that accumulates in our bones as a result of just living!  Our lives have so much demand, and sometimes we are so busy taking care of others, that we forget to take care of ourselves.  All of our facials come with massage for the decollete, face, arms, or scalp.  As humans, we really need time to truly relax and be in the moment of self care.

If you find yourself desiring one or more of the above improvements in your skin, come experience a facial!  We believe in truly listening to your skincare concerns and what your goals are.  Together, we can create a treatment plan that will help bring out the very best version of your skin.

Book online at:  https://squareup.com/appointments/book/14ACFWH4WTKC3/sweet-life-skincare.  See you soon!


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