Ah, high school.  The time of our lives that our bodies start changing with or without our permission.  The hormones start raging and the oil in our skin starts pumping.  Now I don’t know about the rest of you, but I was blessed with some lovely cystic acne.  I remember many nights desperately trying to dry out those red and inflamed lesions.  I tried everything from toothpaste to Queen Helene’s mint julep mask – sometimes sleeping with little blue and green dots all over my face.  The next morning, I would wake up to toothpaste all over my pillow and alas, the same red bumps that looked even worse after the menthol assault.  How I wish I would have had the courage to ask for some help instead of trying to fix the problem myself!

As a senior in high school, one of the biggest days we prep for (besides Graduation and Senior Skip Day) is our Senior Picture Day.  Now, if you are a senior right now, you may not realize how important this day is.  You may think your portrait session is something that you can just fly by the seat of your pants, but the truth is – it’s worth it to prepare your skin for this fateful day.  You may even want to think about outfits to wear and having your hair and makeup professionally done.  The reason it’s worth it is that those senior pictures will live in infamy….like, you will see them every time you walk to the bathroom in your parent’s and grandparent’s houses.  They will no doubt proudly display your picture on every available wall and coffee table for all their guests to see.  So, trust me, you want to plan to look your best!  Otherwise you will be cringing for years to come.

Check out this link for some helpful tips from local area professional photographer Stephanie Wijesinghe on making sure your session turns out fabulous:
Here at Sweet Life, we have some results-driven treatments to eliminate excess oil and shine and zap those frustrating breakouts:  Acne/Excess Oil.

All of these treatments are custom fit for your skin type, and gentle and effective to give you the happy skin you crave.  And if you are one of those lucky ducks who has naturally blemish-free skin, please forward this onto a darling in need of some skin love!

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