Am I the only one that thinks of ‘Sound of Music’ when I think of this word?  Such a classic movie set in Switzerland… just like the edelweiss flower.  This resilient flower grows in the Swiss Alps and is a protected botanical in its region.  It can endure extreme changes in temperature and actually grows in some of the rockier parts of the mountains.  Its ‘survivor’ traits in nature exhibit themselves as a skincare ingredient.

There are a couple things that are truly unique about Edelweiss when it comes to skincare ingredients:
1.   It contains bioflavonoids (meaning it is biologically active in the body) that actually strengthen blood vessel walls.  The stronger the blood vessels, the better the circulation in your body, the faster new skin cells will produce.
2.  It protects against UV radiation.  Oftentimes, we remember to put SPF on our face, but what about on the rest of your body?  Edelweiss is a natural sunscreen so all of your body that be protected against sun exposure.
For those 2 reasons (at least), be on the lookout for Edelweiss – a tough little cookie growing in the Swiss Alps that can keep your skin strong, smooth, and young.

*Look for Edelweiss extract in our Hydrating Body Cream from our Alpenrausch line.

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