Hello darlings!  Spring is here in the beautiful South, which means blooming flowers, warmer weather, and cleaning!  In the spirit of cleaning, I will be posting information about key skincare ingredients to look for in your product as well ones to avoid.  Clean up your bathroom vanity this Spring by learning what skincare ingredients are the most harmful, beneficial, or frankly, not doing anything at all for your skin.

Ingredient #1:  Trehalose
-Ever wonder how a cactus and other succulent plants survive in desert environments?  These plants produce a unique sugar known as Trehalose that acts as a protective measure against dry and arid conditions.  This sugar helps the plant to bind moisture inside of its cell walls so that it can continue to be nourished and grow instead of drying out.  It essentially grabs onto moisture that is in the air and stores it inside the plant.   Isn’t nature totally cool?

In skincare, Trehalose works the same way inside your skin as it does inside the cactus.  This skincare ingredient binds water inside your skin cell walls to help prevent dehydration.  Dehydration is one of the leading causes of lines and wrinkles that we so adore (not).  The more hydrated your skin is, the more it can protect itself against the damaging effects of the environment.  The more protected your skin is, the more youthful and healthy it will stay.

*Look for the Trehalose skincare ingredient in our Peptide Rich-Defense moisturizer and SPF combo to stay hydrated and protected.

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