Hi folks!  I know you have heard me talk about microcurrent before, but it’s one of those little miracles that never gets old to talk about.  If you are concerned about any of the following, I want you to SERIOUSLY think about trying microcurrent out:
-fine lines and wrinkles
-sagging skin
-puffy eyes
-occasional breakout

Chances are, many of us are concerned about at least one of the above.  The great thing about microcurrent therapy is that it is:
-totally non-invasive (usually you won’t feel a thing, but it’s working, trust me!)
-no down time after treatment
-encourages lymphatic drainage (to treat puffiness)

It is one of those rare treatments that can do a lot to increase the health, tone, and texture of your skin without any negative side effects.  No, this is not a gimmick, nor is it some kind of  crazy mumbo jumbo – it actually works.  When it comes to results, I liken it to working out.  If you do one workout session, you will see results, but it will only be temporary.  In order to see a real significant change, you have to keep doing it on a consistent basis.  Once you get where you want to be, it just turns into maintenance.

I have been running a Spring Special on the Age Defying facial for $125 ($175 value) that ends July 1st, so book ASAP if you want to see for yourself!  If that is too rich for your blood right now, I have other package options as well.  So now there is no reason to avoid giving it a whirl!  Hope to see you soon 🙂

Priya Crumpton
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