Chances are, if you have any widely available skin care products in your bathroom, mineral oil is one of the top 3 ingredients.  I say this without any judgment – it’s just the facts!  Many skin care manufacturers use this substance for at least 2 reasons:  it helps the product to spread evenly, and it makes your skin feel temporarily moisturized.

So what’s so bad about this skincare ingredient anyway?  Well a few things aren’t so great about mineral oil.
1.  It is a by-product of petroleum: the same stuff used to create gasoline.  If it runs your car, it’s probably not so lovely for your skin.

2.  Since the oil acts as an ‘occlusive’ barrier, it can often clog your pores and create congestion.  Your skin needs lipids to keep it moisturized without causing breakouts.

3.  It has no real benefit to your skin because it’s designed to not penetrate layers; it just sits on top of your skin.

I often think of mineral oil like corn; it’s often used as a glorified filler that has no real benefit.  Why spend the money if it’s not really going to do anything? Check your product labels for mineral oil, and keep informed about which skincare ingredients to avoid.

Priya Crumpton
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