I was just thinking this morning that I am SO glad I chose CosMedix as my professional skin care partner.  Not only because they are the only professional skin care line based in Atlanta (support local!), but also because of their solid belief in using purified ingredients with delivery systems that actually WORK.

The world of skin care is overwhelming and filled with thousands of options.  Everyone claims their products are the best, with items being available from the drug store to day spas to plastic surgeon’s offices.  There is organic and non-organic, gluten free and natural, harsh chemical driven agents, and the list goes on and on.  I for one have been a product hoarder (there’s another way to say that, but hey, my mother reads this)!  So if there is something that is sold at a Farmers Market stand, the Estee Lauder counter, Sephora, or the dermatologist’s office, I have seen it and tried it!
Why do we keep trying different products hoping that it will be the one that we can stick with?  Because we keep looking for the best, hoping that it will get rid of that one spot that won’t go away or that stubborn wrinkle that has taken up residence on our forehead.  You can try a product and it works for a period of time and then seems like it’s no longer making a difference.  Why does that happen?  The label said 67% of people saw a reduction in wrinkles!  It really all comes down to the chemistry.

Your skin is the LARGEST organ on your body, and it’s actually quite picky.  Just like only 1 particular key will open a lock, only certain ingredients in a certain molecular structure will be accepted and utilized by your skin.  If the product hasn’t been formulated to match the skin cell receptor, it will be like trying to jam the wrong key into a lock and it simply won’t work.  So, if a skin care manufacturer wants to affect change in the skin, they must use ingredients in the form that the skin can accept and actually use to your benefit.  That’s #1.
#2 is the ingredients themselves.  Just like you have learned to look at the ingredients label on the food that you purchase at the grocery store, take a look at your skin care products.  What are the active ingredients?  What are the other ingredients?  Do you know what they are and what purpose they serve?  For example, D-Glucuronic is the basic building block of hyaluronic acid which is especially good at attracting and trapping water into the skin.  Sounds ‘chemical-y’, but hyaluronic acid is actually found naturally in our bodies.  How about that!  It pays to know what you are putting on your skin and what benefit you are actually getting from it.
#3 all comes down to the results.  A complaint I often hear from clients is that they have had previous treatments where they left having irritated, inflamed, or hyper-sensitive skin.  So, naturally, it’s scary to think of taking that risk again – I get it!  Even though your skin is your first line of defense against bacteria and free radicals, it’s a delicate flower.  It can’t handle repeated assaults with thinning, drying, harsh skin care.  It is 100% possible to get targeted results without destroying the surrounding tissue in the process.
So that’s why I love CosMedix.  They use purified, non-irritating ingredients in the molecular form that your skin will actually accept, and the result from those ingredients is healthy, balanced skin.  It’s as simple as that.  So, let’s open up those bathroom cabinets and think about consolidating the product hoarding to skin care with chemistry that actually works.

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