If you are like me, the term ‘microcurrent’ isn’t something that you have heard of very often, but you can definitely expect to start hearing about it more.  In a society that is fascinated with non invasive procedures requiring little to no downtime, microcurrent facial therapy is a no brainer.  In many cases, it is an instant facelift, brightener, and effective treatment for speeding up healing time on acne lesions.  Almost anyone can benefit from this treatment with considerable results.

So what is microcurrent therapy anyway?  Microcurrent is kind of what it sounds like:  small current.  The machine works by emitting a current into the tissue that works with our body’s own electrical current.  I know, our bodies have an electrical current?!  That’s the same thing I thought too, but it really is true.  When microcurrent therapy first hit the American market in the 1980s, it was used to treat conditions such as Bell’s Palsy and stroke paralysis.  The use of this electrical neuromuscular stimulation helped to re-educate the facial muscles into going back to their rightful place.  Microampere current has also been used by physicians to treat pain and help heal wounds.

So in the 2000s, we are now using it in the cosmetic arena.  Your esthetician uses this device by controlling two separate electrodes – usually one electrode is positive and the other has a negative polarity (opposites attract).  A series of lifting and toning movements are conducted on each side of the face using both electrodes.  Depending on the machine, you may never feel the current or you may feel slight vibrations which are from the muscles contracting and relaxing.  Oftentimes, halfway through your treatment, your esthetician will sit you up and hand you a mirror so you can see the difference between the sides of your face.  That way you can be convinced of its effects on your own, and not just what someone is telling you.

Here are the major benefits of microcurrent therapy:
*Tightens and tones muscles which helps to lift sagging skin
*Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles
*Increases blood and lymph circulation which has a brightening and detoxifying effect on the skin
*Speeds up healing time on acne lesions

Now, before deciding to try out microcurrent therapy, please check with your esthetician to make sure you are a candidate.  Microcurrent is considered electrotherapy, so if you have any metal inside or on your body at the time of treatment, you run the risk of electrical shock.  Nobody wants to come out of the treatment room smoking…. unless it’s smoking hot!

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