They say that there is no time like the present.  My friends, all I can say to that is: can I get an Amen?! This is the thought going through my head as I go into my 3rd month of schooling to become a licensed esthetician.  For the past 12 years, I have worked in Corporate America.  Yes, it feels good sometimes to throw on those 5 inch heels, zip up that pencil skirt, and feel like you are somebody important.  Then you are coming home exhausted, still thinking about the office drama, and inhaling a bag of Doritos because you were too wired to eat lunch.  And we wonder how we manage to pack on that extra 15 lbs.  It was a sucky existence to keep going like that.

I have to credit my brother, Devon, for helping me to grow the set that I needed to finally pursue my dreams.  He’s one of those people that says things very cut and dry.  One day, I spent several hours complaining about my current work situation when he just said “when are you going to stop talking about doing something for yourself and actually go and do it”? Something clicked inside my brain that day, and I will never forget it.  So I set out training my mind to think of actually making money and loving my job; it was such a novel concept!  I always dreamed of having my own spa one day and creating an environment for stressed out people to just come and relax.  I always felt refreshed and relaxed leaving the spa from a great facial or massage.  Plus everyone always seemed so HAPPY…what a crazy idea!

So once I knew the industry I wanted to be in, I just had to figure out what exactly to do in it. My husband Jerry encouraged me to think about what interested me in the spa industry in the first place.  I told him it was the products that excited me:  the scrubs (ahem, exfoliants), lotions, creams, the masques.  So he told me to go back to the drawing board and think about what career could involve those things.  I thought of my mother telling me to look into being an esthetician, something I originally shot down months back.

Now here I am: learning and loving school at the Elaine Sterling Institute.  It’s fresh and exciting, challenging as heck, and honestly one of the best experiences of my life so far.  My Level 1 instructor Sonia is hands down the best teacher I have ever had.  She is full of esthetic knowledge, useful advice, and pushes us to be great.   She has all these great quotes like “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” or “Earn your Oscar every day!”  The women I have come across in school are absolutely amazing – they have been through so many tough experiences and are still pushing themselves to keep improving and to keep growing.  I leave the door smiling and come home smiling – we have such a blast.
My advice to you reading this is to never think it’s too late to start fresh and be happy in your career.  Contrary to what many think, you do not have to be miserable in your job to make lots of money.  You can be passionate, inspired, and fulfilled all at the same time and don’t let anyone tell you different.

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