As a professional in the skin care industry, I have always felt that I need to understand and experience my treatments and products in order to articulate them to my clients.  How can you tell someone what to expect when you yourself haven’t been in their shoes?  A facial peel is among the most significant, and I recently had one this past week.

Stage 1:  your esthetician will work with you to determine what your skin concerns are and what type of peel can best correct those issues.  Your skin is extremely delicate and a facial peel is best administered by a skin professional who really knows what they are doing.

Stage 2:  once your skin has been properly prepped for the facial peel (this may include having you on a vitamin A-based product for weeks leading up to the treatment), it will be administered.  Your esthetician will advise you to keep them informed of the sensations you are feeling for several seconds – minutes and he/she will be keeping a close watch on your skin.

Stage 3:  Your skin will most likely feel tight and sensitive for the first day.  Sunscreen and a regenerative balm will be super important for the days after your facial peel!

Stage 4:  By day 3, you will probably notice that your skin feels dry and will start to flake or peel (it IS called a facial peel after all).  This is totally normal and what you should expect.  The peeling process may take several days.  You will be tempted to pull the flakes off your face, but really try hard not to, because your skin may not be completely healed yet.  This could cause damage and be counter productive.

Stage 5:  After a few days of peeling (this length of time depends on your skin and the depth of the facial peel), you will start to see fresh, even-toned, beautiful skin emerging!  This is the result you have been hoping and laboring for and will have been worth all the effort.  Make sure and wear your sunscreen every day and protect that new baby skin – you worked hard for it!

A facial peel can do amazing things for your skin.   It can fade or eliminate dark spots, dissolve breakouts, and smooth out lines and wrinkles.  Think of it this way:  our average skin cell turnover (what brings up new skin) takes anywhere from 28-40+ days.  A proper facial peel is making that happen in 3-7 days.  Now THAT’s what I call awesome!

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