Ahh summer time!  The warm breeze, bright sunshine, and smell of honeysuckle makes us want to stay outside all day long.  Even the sun hates to go down and stays out past 8 pm – we all enjoy this time of year.  The danger is, of course, being out in the sun without the proper protection.  Sometimes pigmentation can form on our skin if we aren’t being careful to prevent it and treat it at the same time.  As much as we think Dalmatians are cute with their little black spots all over, we don’t want to look like one 🙂

If you are noticing dark spots on your skin that are appearing for the first time or getting deeper in color, this may be what we call ‘hyperpigmentation’.  This skin condition can come as a result of trauma to the skin tissue (i.e. picking at your skin, breakouts, irritation, etc.) and sun damage.  The key to treating  pigmentation is  to inhibit the formation of the pigmentation in the first place.  One way to accomplish this is by using a brightening serum.  These serums contain ‘tyrosinase inhibitors’ which are essentially ingredients that try to block the formation of new pigmentation.  These ingredients send signals to the deeper layers of our skin to tell them not to create melanin (what gives our skin its color) so that those lovely little dark spots don’t appear.  Tyrosinase inhibitors will also work on the surface of the skin by lightening the appearance of any pre-existing hyperpigmentation, as well.

This summer, stay protected by not only wearing a quality SPF but creating an additional layer of protection through the use of a brightening serum.  Added bonus – you will notice an even-toned and brightened appearance too.  Let’s leave the spotted look to the Dalmatians this year 😉

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